Downtown Car Hire Booking Partner Registration

Hi there! Thanks for deciding to register as a booking partner with us! We are excited to work with you and your team!

Please click the button below and take the time to fill our the form below so we can set you up on our system!

If you or your team require any assistance with how to book rental vehicles with us then please let us know and we will arrange a team member to visit you and walk you through the process.

What do partners get?

Downtown Car Hire offers a 10% commission on any bookings made with us on behalf of your guests. We provide you with a unique partner code and detailed instructions on how to book with us. Commission payments are made on a fortnightly basis to the account that you nominate in your registration.

We also provide free training on how to use our booking system so you can become familiar with the process when you come to use it.


Up-selling is the best way to increase your commission. We offer a range of ways to do that including GPS units, bike racks, snow chains, child seats as well as a variety of insurance options that will increase your overall commission.